City and County of San Francisco Employees

“We Help the People that Make San Francisco Run”

This website is created exclusively for City and County of San Francisco employees to enable you to contact us with your policy questions and discover your Colonial Life benefit options.

Mission Statement

To help San Francisco employees understand their employer provided benefits and provide solutions for any gaps in coverage.

Value Proposition

The landscape of healthcare and employee benefits is constantly changing. More and more, as a consumer, you are asked to manage your benefits and make choices. We can help you develop a strategy to maximize your benefits package. We are an advocate for your best interest.

How We Can Help You

Employee benefits are best discussed one-to-one and in person. Colonial Life benefit counselors will work closely with you to discuss all of your benefits choices. To apply for Colonial Life benefits or to meet with a benefits counselor, please call 415.243.4425.

Reasons to Meet With Your Benefits Counselor Today

  • Have you filed your Wellness Claim?
  • Do you have any Accident or Sickness Claims?
  • Do you have Copies of your Insurance Coverage and/or your Benefit Statement?
  • Are you sure your Payroll Deduction Amount is correct?
  • Have you Changed your Address/Phone Number?
  • Have you had Family Status Updates; Married, Divorced, Children?
  • Have you Adjusted Coverage to fit Current Needs?
  • Do you know Colonial Life has New and Improved Benefits?

If you already have a Colonial Life policy and have a question regarding it, please contact the Colonial Life Service Center at 1-800-325-4368.

Contact Us

As the Colonial Life San Francisco office continues its expansion, we ask that you provide us with feedback and let us know how we can help you. We can only improve if we receive feedback. Information Request & Feedback Form.

Contact Information

Fernando Lopez

Public Sector Manager, San Francisco

  • 433 Natoma Street
  • Suite 250
  • San Francisco, CA 94103
415.243.4425 415.520.0257
Ed Bruce

Public Sector Assistant Manager

415.632.9578 415.520.0257
Trinh Hua

Public Sector Assistant Manager

415.371.9430 415.520.0257
Jason Ross

Public Sector Assistant Manager

510.459.1408 415.520.0257

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